Operationalize Clinical Quality Initiatives to
improve your physicians' bottom line.

Increase practice productivity levels and
efficiencies post EHR install.

Attain Quality and performance standards to
differentiate each physician from their peer.


Born out of the initial electronic push that payers began undertaking in 2000, Clinical Quality Initiatives designed to improve patient outcomes have evolved into the manner by which healthcare providers are being measured and compensated today. This is no longer the future of healthcare. It is today's healthcare environment, which requires the integration of clinical quality in order to position an organization for success.


Elevation Healthcare has led countless projects with physicians and their leadership over the last 15 years. The experience gained from exposure to the dynamics within multiple practices of all sizes and specialties, and their various EHR's and Quality Initiatives, has enabled us to develop proven processes to accomplish your desired results. We encourage you to look to us as the preeminent resource for the achievement MU, PQRS, VBM, PCMH and PCSP, or to enhance your practice operation post-EHR install.


Elevation Healthcare focuses exclusively on identifying, educating, and operationalizing efficient work flows for these Initiatives into ambulatory practices:

MU (Meaningful Use)

PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System)

VBM (Value Based Modifier)

PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home)

PCSP (Patient Centered Specialty Practice)


Elevation Healthcare partners directly with physician groups. We hold steadfast to operate agnostically as the advocate for the provider and practice, and therefore are able to partner with many other entities whom also share in the overall well-being and betterment of the physicians they serve. Partner entities which EH currently provides value-add services to are as follows:

CPA Firms and Alliances

Medical Billing and Coding Companies

IT Companies

Hospital Network Affiliates

Local, State, and National Medical Associations

EHR Software Firms that have been 2014 Certified

Legal Firms & HIPAA Compliance Offices

Cyber Security Firms

Professional Management Organizations

Educators, Advisors, Board Members and other Healthcare support Professionals



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